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About Us
New York Private Investigators

HGI is a Licensed Private Investigative firm that has been providing investigative services to the insurance industry, law firms and private clients since 2006.  These are clients who seek out the highest quality investigations. HGI specializes in surveillance of all kinds, claims investigations, statements, SIU assignments, trial preparation and training. Our investigations include medical fraud, no-fault fraud, clinic inspections, all aspects of staged accidents, caused accidents and paper accidents.

Each investigation is carried out with integrity, pride, confidentiality and discretion. HGI places high value on the integrity of its investigations and operates strictly within the laws. HGI is compliant with all state regulations and is licensed by the states of New York and New jersey. HGI works closely with carriers to assure that all clients' needs are met.

Make your choice HGI. Here's why:

  • Our investigators consist of only the most highly trained and experienced former police officers, detectives and supervisors.
  • We take detailed pride in the investigations we conduct and see to it that attention is given to the finest concerns.
  • The giant investigative conglomerates cannot give you the quality that we give.
  • We have been providing the highest quality investigations to numerous major carriers since 2006 and the feedback we receive is highly complementary and positive.

About Us

  • The Hallahan Group Inc. doing business as HGI was founded by Glen Hallahan, the former Commanding Officer of the NYPD's highly acclaimed Fraudulent Accident Investigation Squad. Glen has supervised thousands of successful fraud investigations and has worked closely with SIU personnel, NICB and the New York State Insurance Department.
  • In 2008 Detective Sergeant John Moran of the NYPD-FBI of Joint Healthcare Fraud Task Force became a principal partner at HGI bringing 20 years of experience in supervising investigations.
  • HGI is a New York and New Jersey Licensed Private Investigative firm that services the needs of insurance companies in the area of insurance fraud and general claims investigations. 
  • HGI specialize in workers' compensation investigation and surveillances. This includes activity checks, statements, HIPAA releases, site investigations, alive and well checks and all other claims related work.
  • HGI is dedicated to assisting its clients in the prevention and investigation of insurance fraud with the specific aim of resolving cases toward saving or recovering the drain of hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraud payouts endlessly and unnecessarily expended by every automobile insurer.
  • HGI specializes in statements, surveillance, claims investigations, consulting, and training. We approach fraud at many different levels, including medical fraud, no-fault fraud, clinic inspections, all aspects of staged accidents, caused accident and paper accidents. HGI handles workers' compensation investigations and claims.  
  • HGI screens subjects for criminal history, claims history and patterns of abuse. Any vehicles subject to an investigation are screened for history of claims, frequent re-registrations, prior owners, claim history and other fraud indicators. Medical doctors and medical professionals, as they may relate to suspected fraud schemes, are screened for discipline history, updated licensing and the clinics for valid corporation registration. 
  • HGI stands by the integrity of its investigations and its operatives. Our staff and our investigations will stand scrutiny by any involved party and should they be subject to court examination, HGI will appear and confidently and professionally represent its casework and its insurance industry clients.
  • HGI has secured over one hundred confessions from claimants admitting to committing insurance fraud through staging vehicle accidents.
  • HGI has assisted corporate and public companies in identifying security and management concerns.