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Security Performance Evaluation Check
Security Performance Evaluation Check

HGI provides a professional, discreet and detailed security evaluation using trained agents to visit secure commercial and educational establishments. The number one priority your security staff will be evaluated on is security of the premise. Additional areas of evaluation are professionalism, appearance staffing and attentiveness. Any other specific concerns will be addressed based on client needs.
Case sample;
HGI Agents visited a secure public school location and returned a report to their client that indicated.

  • Security personnel was PENETRATED, no questions were posed to our agent. The agent simply said good morning and passed through security and entered the school.
  • The staff, 1 male security officer was on duty, was neatly dressed and was attentive to his surroundings
  • Three other points of entry were attempted but were appropriately locked.


  • Security team implement a protocol to identify, document and provide passes to each visitor of the school.
  • Logs of passes be maintained. 

Retail Professional Evaluation Check (RePEC)

HGI will send their agents to any commercial location. A video recorded visit will be made. The needs of the client will be met on an individual basis. Routinely HGI will report on staffing, courtesy and professionalism, cleanliness inside and out.

Sample case:

HGI Agent visited a retail store in lower Manhattan and observed one employee attending to the six patrons. Three were on line while three others appeared to be shopping. The one available employee was working the register. A second employee was observed sitting in a rear passage on a milk crate playing or texting on his phone. The store was clean as was the store front. Music was playing at a comfortable level.