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Process Service

The Hallahan Group Inc. has been servicing the insurance industry since 2006. They have serviced the industry through competent investigations, successful surveillances, trial prep, due diligence and process serving. HGI has recently established themselves as a NYC DCA approved Process Serving Agency.

HGI will continue to serve the industry through the service of subpoenas, summonses and court documents. HGI has added a dedicated staff and web page to facilitate this process. HGI provides electronic monitoring of status via

Electronic Communication
HGI is proud to partner with this service, as it allows for real time monitoring, coordination, immediate affidavits, file uploads and other means of facilitating the process and communication. is the smoothest and most expeditious mean of receiving process from our client and transmitting status and results.

Traditional Communication
HGI prides itself on providing personal service that only a small firm could provide. We will continue to accept referrals for process service via, phone, email, mail or pick up. Your preference is never a problem for HGI.

Established Clients
Those clients that have been working with HGI can continue to submit new assignments in the fashion they are accustom to.

New Clients
We offer our electronic process through our site; however we are always eager to develop relationships and coordinate with your firm as you see fit.

Process Service