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Some of Our Services

- Security Performance Evaluation Check
- Retail Professional Evaluation Check (RePEC)
- Surveillance
- Claims investigations
- Trial preparation
- Statements
- Internal Investigation
- Expedited report retrieval
- Activity checks
- Workers' compensation
- Underwriting SIU
- Property and casualty
- Due diligence
- Process Service
- Background checks
- Employment screening
- Training
- Locates
- Matrimonial
- Personal

HGI Real Time Investigations

HGI Real Time Investigations is a secure, web based on-line case management system that gives our clients secure access to see the current status of their investigation at anytime. HGI Real Time allows clients to place assignment orders, upload documents, monitor progress as well as provide feedback and direction on all investigations. This service allows our clients to be more involved with the investigative process so that each investigation is tailored to the needs of our investigative partners.